Traffic Law

Traffic law is a complex matter and being charged with a traffic offence, losing your licence and facing penalties can have a serious impact upon you, your family and your employment.


At Aubrey Brown, our experienced and Accredited Criminal Law Specialists, Kevin Pearce and Ryan Finch, can help you resolve your traffic law matter. Let our lawyers provide you with expert advice on any NSW or interstate road transport legislation and other related areas of law. Our lawyers are experienced and skilled at representing clients in Local and District Courts. We can assist with any of your traffic law matters including:

  • Speeding offences;
  • RMS Habitual traffic offender declarations;
  • Reckless driving charges;
  • Dangerous driving charges;
  • License suspensions and disqualifications;
  • Roads and Maritime Services/RTA matters;
  • Driving whilst suspended or disqualified;
  • Police pursuits;
  • Drink driving;
  • Drug driving;
  • Negligent driving; and
  • All other traffic offences.

If you need advice on your traffic law matter or any other litigation or criminal law matter, contact Aubrey Brown for professional and friendly advice.

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