Central Coast Family Law

Central Coast Family Lawyers

Aubrey Brown is an experienced Central Coast Family Law firm that strive for the very best outcome for their clients.


Led by Director, Kevin Pearce, our sensitive, compassionate and experienced Central Coast Family Law Team provides clients with expert advice and achieve the results that our clients seek at this often distressing time in their lives.

Our Central Coast Family Law Team offers the following professional services:-

  • Property Settlements
  • Children Matters
  • Domestic Relationship Agreements
  • Terms of Settlement
  • Divorce Agreements

Family Law can often be very overwhelming and complex for people who find themselves needing professional advice in this area. Our dedicated Central Coast Family Law Team has experience and expertise in Family Law. Our aim is always to provide our clients with clear advice to achieve the best outcome for them.

Our team of Family Law experts have access to other specifically skilled professionals within our firm practising in areas which can regularly impact on Family Law cases including commercial law, trusts, taxation, bankruptcy, wills and probate and litigation. This wide range of services is not available in all Family Law firms. Our clients can resolve their cases by using this in-house expertise and minimise additional delays, costs and double-handling.

Our lawyers working in the Family Law team are:

So if it’s a professional team of Central Coast Family Law experts you are after, contact Aubrey Brown today.

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