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Central Coast Dispute Resolution at Aubrey Brown Lawyers - mediation, arbitration, collaborative law

The team at Aubrey Brown recognises that our clients often seek alternatives to the traditional litigation path to resolve disputes.


We have Lawyers trained in mediation, collaborative law and arbitration to offer our clients the ability to select the most appropriate means to resolve any disputes that they are involved in. We offer a number of dispute resolution processes.



Mediation is a process designed to assist people in dispute to achieve a resolution to the dispute by participating in a settlement process guided by a trained mediator.

While many mediators are also lawyers, when acting as a mediator we are a neutral third party, although the parties can be represented by a separate lawyer at the mediation.

Mediation is not only for Court cases. Although many Courts may refer parties to mediation, clients can also engage a mediator as an alternative to going to Court in the first place.

Mediation is not only suitable for a wide range of disputes including contract disputes, lease disputes, franchise disputes, neighbourhood disputes, partnership disputes, business disputes and disputes in relation to wills to name a few.

Anna Cruckshank is an accredited mediator and can assist with mediations in relation to these areas of dispute.

We note that Anna is not qualified to conduct mediations in relation to Family Law matters, however, we can assist you by referring you to an appropriate qualified mediator if required.


Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law practice is a process where resolution to the dispute is achieved by the parties and their lawyers focussing on the interests of the parties rather than the traditional positional based negotiation which is usually used in legal matters.

The Collaborative Law process is about the parties co-operating to resolve their dispute, rather than immediately commencing litigation proceedings.

In the Collaborative Law process, each client is represented by a collaboratively trained lawyer. Both lawyers help their clients and the other party to work as a team to:-

  • Find and focus on common interests;
  • Understand each other’s concerns;
  • Make full and frank exchange of information;
  • Explore all possible choices; and
  • Reach solutions acceptable to both parties.

For more information on the collaborative law process we refer you to www.collabprofessionalsnsw.org.au.

We confirm that Anna Cruckshank and Donna Ham are accredited Collaborative Lawyers who can assist clients to use the Collaborative Law process to resolve business and commercial disputes.



Arbitration is a process which enables parties in dispute to state their views, offer evidence at an arbitration hearing, and agree to let an impartial qualified Arbitrator make a decision that will end the dispute. In most cases once the Arbitrator hears the evidence he or she then hands down a decision which is binding upon the parties.

Kevin Pearce is accredited as an Arbitrator to act in arbitrations referred to him by the Wyong, Gosford and Woy Woy Local Courts.

If you require more information from our Central Coast lawyers on dispute resolution, contact us today.

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