Milestone for Kevin Pearce: 20 Years as an Accredited Specialist

Kevin Pearce, a Director of Aubrey Brown and team leader of our Litigation Team recently reached his 20 year milestone as a Criminal Lawyer Accredited Specialist. We asked Kevin some questions about what it means to be an accredited specialist.


What is the benefit of specialist accreditation, and why did you decide to become an accredited specialist?

I decided to become a Criminal Law Accredited Specialist because over the years I have gained significant experience in criminal law. The specialist accreditation is an easy way to let people know that I have particular skills and expertise in this area.


How does this make you different to a solicitor who is not an accredited specialist?

To become an accredited specialist you must demonstrate to the NSW Law Society that you have significant experience in your field of specialisation. A significant part of my practice is criminal law, as opposed to other lawyers who may have a more generalised focus in the areas they practice.


What were you required to do to gain your specialist accreditation?

I remember that I was one of the first solicitors in NSW to be recognised as an accredited specialist. I had to pass a written exam, and then I was assessed on my cross-examination skills and ability to make submissions by a retired Supreme Court Judge.

To maintain my accreditation, I spend 25 hours a year undertaking additional training and legal education, of which at least 15 hours are related to criminal law.


What have been your most memorable moments during your 20 years as an accredited specialist?

I have had lots of memorable moments (and memorable clients!). I have coached the local high schools in Mock Trial competitions, and one year took Wyong High School to the grand final of the competition. Unfortunately we lost to Sydney Grammar School, but we were so proud that we got all the way through to the final.



About Kevin Pearce: Kevin is the Central Coast’s leading criminal lawyer, and has the experience and advocacy skills to obtain the best outcome possible for clients. Contact Kevin today for help with any of your criminal law or litigation needs.

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